Regular transactions

  • Fast and Easy to Create enquires
  • Automated Customer Email
  • Enquiry comparison from last Month
  • Enquiry conversation rate
  • Completed Enquiry status
  • Different kind of enquiry reports
  • Enquiry cancellation on reason wise
  • Automated Itinerary
  • Advanced Followup status

Tour Booking Details

  • Convert the enquiry to booking in seconds
  • Booking compression from last month
  • Automated customer confirmation email
  • Automated Hotel Vouchers
  • One Click to send hotel reservation
  • One click to send transport booking
  • Automated In Tour Details
  • Automated Invoice
  • Cancelled booking with specific reasons

Realtime Updates

  • On date arrival details
  • On date departure details
  • Upcoming arrival details
  • Upcoming Departure Details
  • Hotel Payment alerts
  • Transport Payment alerts
  • Customer Payment alerts
  • Completed Booking Status

Chart Reports

  • Real time enquires
  • Real time Booking
  • Real time hotel purchase
  • Real time transport purchase
  • Real time Cancellation details
  • Company Target details
  • Individual staff targets details


  • Follow ups
  • Web Leads
  • Hotel payment cut-off date
  • Customer payment cut-off
  • Transport payment cut-off date
  • Event Alerts
  • Regular Package alerts

Automated Account Details

  • Customer Payment details
  • Hotel Payment details
  • Transport Payment details
  • Flight/ Train ticket payment
  • Events payment details
  • Payment Cut-off Dates
  • Upcoming Payment Cut-off Dates

Regular Packages

  • On click to Create Regular Package
  • In seconds to covert to new package
  • Easily to meet your enquiry conversion

Website Leads

  • Automated increase of website enquiry
  • Assign web quiries to Multiple staffs
  • Monitor web leads process

Complete Data Masters

  • Free 500 Hotel database
  • Transportation data
  • Flight tickets/Train tickets-agents data
  • Hotel /Houseboat/Resorts/Homestay
  • Tariff with all seasons
  • Transports Tariff with all Season

Security Features

  • Built with Strong and secured Frame works
  • Data Secure and can download at office
  • Secure log In at office only for status
  • Super User can login from anywhere
  • Mobile login access